British 1853 Pattern Enfield Socket Bayonet & Scabbard. Sn 8424:34.

Collectable Edged Weapons > Bayonets & Knives

Locking rings on Bayonets were trialled on British weapons from 1794 and were made in many variants to solve problems associated with secure fitting of socket bayonets to Muskets. Locking rings were eventually adopted for Service in 1853. (see pages 48-49 of Skennerton's book British & Commonwealth ...

(GBP) £275.00
Quantity: 1
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WW2 American B3 style leather Flying Jacket

Uniforms, Clothing & Boots > Everything Else

A medium size brown leather, fur lined B3 style Flying Jacket with front zip, slash pockets and zip sleeves. No labels but very good condition. Price includes UK postage.

(GBP) £295.00
Quantity: 1
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Collectable Edged Weapons > Bayonets & Knives

WWII BRITISH 4 MK 2 LEE-ENFIELD SPIKE BAYONET AUTHENTIC British #4 MK 2 Lee-Enfield Spike Bayonet and metal sheath. During WWII the need for a cheaper, more easily manufactured bayonet for the Lee Enfield .303 rifle arose. This was the result. A return to the "pig-sticker" style. It was much s ...

(GBP) £15.69
Quantity: 1
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Boxed German Puma Rudemann II Knife & sheath

Collectable Edged Weapons > Everything Else

A superb mint condition, boxed German Puma handmade Rudemann II Knife with its sheath. This knive is like brand new and has never been out of the box, let alone used. It has curved white staghorn grips with polished steel hilt. It has an 6.5" polished steel wide blade, nicely etched with all its det ...

(GBP) £495.00
Quantity: 1
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WW1 1916 Imperial German Mauser 1898/05 G98 Sawback Butcher Bayonet By Horster Solingen, Scabbard & Frog. Sn 8929.

Collectable Edged Weapons > Bayonets & Knives

A WW1 Imperial German G98 Sawback Butcher Bayonet and Scabbard. The bayonet has a single edged blade which widens towards the point. It has a sawback edge and medial ridge. The ricasso is stamped by the manufacturer 'C & F Horster Solingen'. The back of the blade is stamped 'Crown W' & dated '16' (1 ...

(GBP) £375.00
Quantity: 1
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German Model 712 7.63mm 'Broomhandle' Mauser Schnellfeuer Selective Fire Pistol & Wooden Holster / Shoulder Stock. (Not Chinese Contract). D 1336

Deactivated Weapons > Everything Else

The Mauser, Model 712, Schnellfeuer ( Rapid Fire) was manufactured by Mauser Werk in Germany from 1932 to 1938. ( See page 317 of Axis Pistols Vol 2 By Still). It was the fully automatic version of the model 1896. In 1940 Large numbers of this pistol were procured by the Luftwaffe for Motorcycle Mes ...

(GBP) £895.00
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Badges, Medals & Insignia > Medals & Ribbons

WW11 GERMAN IRON CROSS 2ND CLASS (I-314) Authentic Iron Cross 2nd class with Iron centre. Good condition. 100% original withoriginal red, white and black ribbon. The picture is a sample of one of the medals for sale. We have a few of these medals so you may not be receiving the one photog ...

(GBP) £94.35
Quantity: 1
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Brand New, unused Bushnell Scopechief Telescopic sight

Binocs, NVG, Optics, Compasses > Everything Else

Brand new, boxed, unused bankrupt stock. A Bushnell Scopechief 3.3-10x42 Telescopic sight. Fully coated optics, Wide angle view, one piece body tube, waterproof. One of the best rifle scopes on the market. With all instructions and leaflets in the box. Price includes UK delivery. ( sn. 2330 )

(GBP) £245.00
Quantity: 1
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