British 1853 Pattern Enfield Socket Bayonet & Scabbard. Sn 8424:34.

Collectable Edged Weapons > Bayonets & Knives

Locking rings on Bayonets were trialled on British weapons from 1794 and were made in many variants to solve problems associated with secure fitting of socket bayonets to Muskets. Locking rings were eventually adopted for Service in 1853. (see pages 48-49 of Skennerton's book British & Commonwealth ...

(GBP) £275.00
Quantity: 1
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1830's German Infantry Hanger

Collectable Edged Weapons > Everything Else

A beautiful condition mid 19th Century, German Infantry Regiment hanger. It has a ribbed brass one piece cast hilt with round sided knucklebow and down swept quillon. It has a 600mm single edged, curved steel blade. The forte is stamped "Gerncastellaine & Co" A lovely weapon and price includes UK de ...

(GBP) £245.00
Quantity: 1
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Outstanding , Remington Pattern 1917 Bayonet & Scabbard. CLIFF RAILINGS COLLECTION. Sn 7568.

Collectable Edged Weapons > Bayonets & Knives

An outstanding condition, original, U.S. Pattern 1917 Bayonet made by Remington in WW1 for the P.17 30-06 rifle. It has a beautiful clean blade and undamaged grooved slab wood grips. It is crisply stamped on the ricasso '1917 Remington' and on the reverse with the 'Ignited Grenade' and 'Eagle's Head ...

(GBP) £175.00
Quantity: 1
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Victorian English Multi-Bladed Sportsmans Knife

Collectable Edged Weapons > Everything Else

An excellent example of a Victorian, English Multi-Bladed Sportsmans Knife made in Sheffield and retailed by George Adams, High Holborn, London. It has a large blade, a double edged short blade and a corkscrew. It has a white metal scales stamped "GA N S"and a lanyard ring. Superb original condition ...

(GBP) £195.00
Quantity: 1
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Helmets & Headgear > Everything Else

GERMAN WW11 HELMET COVER ROCKER HOOKS AND SPRINGS REPRODUCTION Exact aluminum copy of WWII German rocker hooks. This is a set of 3 rocker hooks and springs to finish off your German helmet cover for the M35, M40 and M42 German WWII helmets.

(GBP) £8.15
Quantity: 1
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WW2, Nazi German 7 X 50 Magnification, Armoured Kriegsmarine / U Boat Binoculars By Carl Zeiss, Jena (blc) With 1940 Dated Case By Walter Winkle. Sn 8691

Binocs, NVG, Optics, Compasses > Everything Else

These are an excellent original cased pair of Nazi German, 7 X 50 Magnification, Kriegsmarine / U Boat Binoculars. The Binoculars have a black textured finish, with adjustable eyepieces. The body of the binoculars have lanyard bars. All optics are good and function as they should. One shoulder of th ...

(GBP) £595.00
Quantity: 1
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British Army Officers' Badge To The Highland Light Infantry Regiment. Sn 6645.

Badges, Medals & Insignia > Everything Else

An original British Army Officers' Badge to the Highland Light Infantry Regiment. This impressive metal badge measures 5 x 5 cms. It is in excellent undamaged condition with beautiful gold and silver finish. The badge is complete with retaining pin and a 7cms square swatch of material in the Regimen ...

(GBP) £145.00
Quantity: 1
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Brand New, unused Bushnell Scopechief Telescopic sight

Binocs, NVG, Optics, Compasses > Everything Else

Brand new, boxed, unused bankrupt stock. A Bushnell Scopechief 3.3-10x42 Telescopic sight. Fully coated optics, Wide angle view, one piece body tube, waterproof. One of the best rifle scopes on the market. With all instructions and leaflets in the box. Price includes UK delivery. ( sn. 2330 )

(GBP) £245.00
Quantity: 1
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