1897 Dated, Enfield 1888 Pattern MK II Sword Bayonet For Lee Metford Rifles To 1st Battalion, Lanarkshire Yeomanry Regiment, Scabbard & Frog. ED 2096.

Collectable Edged Weapons > Bayonets & Knives

The Lanarkshire Yeomanry Regiment was first raised in 1819. The Regiment sponsored two companies of Yeomanry in 1900, for service in the South African War. The Regiment served as a dismounted Infantry Regiment in WW1 and provided two Field Artillery Regiments in the Second World War, before being am ...

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Helmets & Headgear > Steel Helmets

GERMAN M1916 STEEL HELMET WITH LINER CHIN STRAP REPRODUCTION Each German WWI helmet is fitted with two Ventilation horns (studs) onto which the heavy steel brow plate for Snipers and Machine Gunners could be hung for added protection. These new made steel helmets come complete with leather li ...

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1918 Dated Sanderson '07' Pattern Bayonet & Scabbard to the 'Kings-Liverpool Regt.' Sn 9009

Collectable Edged Weapons > Bayonets & Knives

An excellent WW1 1918 dated example of the Sanderson '07' Pattern bayonet to the 'Kings-Liverpool Regt. for the SMLE rifle and is complete with scabbard. The bayonet has a 17" polished steel blade. The ricasso is stamped by the manufacturer 'Sanderson' and Crown GR together with '12 18' (December 19 ...

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Gordon Highlanders Warrant Officer/ Sgts Silver Plated Staff Badge. ( J.Wise & Son, Birmingham). Sn 7030 : 5

Badges, Medals & Insignia > Everything Else

This is an impressive original Gordon Highlanders Warrant Officer's and Sergeant's Silver plated staff badge featuring ornate laurel wreath with scroll containing the motto ' Bydand' with large central Crown surmounted by a Stags head both of which stand proudly from the centre of the badge. The rea ...

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Helmets & Headgear > Kevlar & Composite Helmets

WWIGERMAN IMPERIAL SPIKED HELMET PICKELHAUBEN BLACK/GOLD REPRODUCTION Used during the Franco-Prussian War of 1870 until the close of WWI. Will Fit 58cm to 61cm size head. Beautifully rendered in black leather with brass painted Prussian spread eagle and spike. Leather chinstrap with brass clut ...

(GBP) £75.45
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WW1 Period British Corporal's, Scarlet Doublet Front Tunic. Sn 8330.

Uniforms, Clothing & Boots > Everything Else

This is a splendid, original WW1 era British other ranks, scarlet doublet front tunic. It has dark blue velvet high collar, shoulder straps and turn back gauntlet cuffs with white piping. The tunic has Kings Crown General Service Brass buttons. The interior has a cream coloured blanket part lining. ...

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Collectable Edged Weapons > Bayonets & Knives

GERMAN TRENCH KNIFE SHORT GUARD REPRODUCTION Made for militaria collectors and WWII re-enactors, this knife features a Walnut grip, high-carbon spearpoint blade and a black-enamelled steel sheath with a blade retention spring and a belt clip. Authentically detailed and fully functional. BLADE L ...

(GBP) £31.42
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Helmets & Headgear > Everything Else

WWII GERMAN M35/40/42 CHIN STRAP LUDWIGKELLER STOCKACH 1942 REPRODUCTION Marked Ludwigkeller Stockach 1942. This is the best German WWII reproduction around. These are so good they will pass as original.

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