Original World War II Secomak Type 447 Portable Syren (Siren) and Tubular Stand Sn 9317

 Everything Else

An original World War II Secomak hand operated Portable Air Raid Siren with tubular metal stand, Type 447 serial number 14952. This was produced by Service Electtric Co. Ltd. Stanmore, Middlesex. It is a hand-operated siren. This hand-operated siren (sometimes spelled 'syren') was intended for large ...

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Helmets & Headgear > Kevlar & Composite Helmets

WWIGERMAN IMPERIAL SPIKED HELMET PICKELHAUBEN BLACK/GOLD REPRODUCTION Used during the Franco-Prussian War of 1870 until the close of WWI. Will Fit 58cm to 61cm size head. Beautifully rendered in black leather with brass painted Prussian spread eagle and spike. Leather chinstrap with brass clut ...

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Helmets & Headgear > Everything Else

AMERICAN WW11 M.C CAMO REVERSIBLE HELMET COVER REPRODUCTION Adopted in 1942 this herring bone twill, cotton cloth, reversible helmet cover was used by the Marine Corps in the Pacific. This two-sided reversible cover had three colours of tan/brown on one side and a four colour pattern of green/ ...

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Scarce, East Indian Railway Regiment Officers Tunic To Lieutenant R.C. Harvey. Sn 8337.

Uniforms, Clothing & Boots > Everything Else

An original, scarce, East Indian Railway Regiment Officers Tunic. It is made of tailored dark blue cloth with pockets to the chest & waist. It is complete with Regimental white metal collar badges and buttons. The shoulder straps are mounted with Lieutenant rank stars and silvered 'A's. The lining h ...

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WW2 1943 U.S. Military M12A2 Panoramic Artillery Gun Telescopic Sight. OPT 793.

Binocs, NVG, Optics, Compasses > Everything Else

This original U.S. Military, M12A2 Artillery Gun Sight is undamaged and in fully functional order with good optics which give a clear panoramic view with range grid. Made in America by M.L. Co in 1943 this item retains most of it's original green paint. The sight is complete with it's original mount ...

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 Everything Else

ORIGINAL British/Canadian WWII sten bullet "Extractor" This was used when bullets got jammed in gun to extract the bullets .

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Helmets & Headgear > Everything Else

WORLD WAR II GERMAN M35 HELMET TWO-COLOR NORMANDY CAMO (H-134) REPRODUCTION WW2 Stahlhelm Carentan, Normandy, M1935 with Heer decals. Stamped inside with - ETt-68.These helmets are custom made one at a time. No two-color camo pattern helmets will be exactly the same.

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WWII German Paratroop Take Down Knife

Collectable Edged Weapons > Bayonets & Knives

German Take Down Variant Paratrooper Knife An excellent example of an original Paratrooper Knife in original used condition with untouched very light surface rust in some places and uncleaned dirt in other places. All markings present and clearly legible. RB nr 0/0561/0020 on blade. Spike has ...

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