WW2 1940 U.S. 37mm MK III A2 'Air Cobra' Aircraft HE Cannon Round (Case & Projectile). O 868

Inert Ammo & Ordnance > Everything Else

An excellent original WW2 1940 dated U.S. 37mm MK III A2 'Air Cobra' Aircraft High Explosive HE Cannon Shell with projectile. This round was made at the Frankford Arsenal and is unfired and fitted with a 'dummy' M50 fuse. The drive band is inscribed ' LOT 3z09 16NP 37mm M55A1'. The case is designate ...

(USD) $365.67
Quantity: 1
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Helmets & Headgear > Everything Else

WORLD WAR II GERMAN M35 HELMET TWO-COLOR NORMANDY CAMO (H-134) REPRODUCTION WW2 Stahlhelm Carentan, Normandy, M1935 with Heer decals. Stamped inside with - ETt-68.These helmets are custom made one at a time. No two-color camo pattern helmets will be exactly the same.

(USD) $179.95
Quantity: 1
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German WWII Padded Leather Sling Maschinengewehr34 (G-54)

Deactivated Weapons > Carriers & Transport

German WWII Padded Leather Sling Maschinengewehr34 .New reproduction MG34 Sling. Steel hardware.

(USD) $29.95
Quantity: 1
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Uniforms, Clothing & Boots > Boots & Shoes

WWII REPRODUCTIONGERMAN FALLSHIRMJAGER COMBAT BOOTSPost War Leather Canadian Combat Boots. Used.These Canadian boots are an excellent replacement for the expensive WW11 Fallshirmjager Boots. Very similiar in design and look.

(USD) $39.95
Quantity: 1
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Field Gear & Equip > Personal Effects

GERMAN SOLDIERS PERSONAL ITEMS KIT - NVA EINSATZGARNITUR B/A EAST GERMAN(G-367) Authentic EINSATZGARNITUR B/A Inhalt - contents : 1 Unterhemd, langer Armel (Undershirt , long sleeves) 1 Unterhose, lang (Underpants , long ) 2 Kragenbinden, grau-weib (Collar binding , gray ) 2 P. Socke ...

(USD) $29.95
Quantity: 1
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WW2 Nazi German, Dienstglas (Service Glass), 10 X 50 Magnification, German Infantry Officer's Binoculars By 'beh' Wetzlar With Leather Neck Strap & 1940 Dated Uniform Tab By Bullman Linden. Opt 811

Binocs, NVG, Optics, Compasses > Everything Else

These are an excellent original pair of WW2 Nazi German, Dienstglas (Service Glass), 10 X 50 Magnification Infantry Officer's Binoculars. The binoculars have a black textured finish, with adjustable eyepieces. The body of the binoculars have lanyard bars and they are fitted with original thin leathe ...

(USD) $738.81
Quantity: 1
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Post WW2 British Parachute Regiment Camouflaged Denison Smock. Sn 8333.

Uniforms, Clothing & Boots > Everything Else

This is an original, excellent condition, British Camouflaged Denison Smock with elasticated cuffs, tail flap and full zip. It is approx UK Chest size 38" - 40", Height 5'8"-5'10". All material and stitching is in great undamaged condition and all zips and stud fasteners are present and work perfect ...

(USD) $559.70
Quantity: 1
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U.S. Army M120 AFV Telescope

Binocs, NVG, Optics, Compasses > Everything Else

A perfect condition U.S. Army M120 x6 Telescope for the M139 20mm Cannon and Armoured Command and Recon carrier. Original paint, perfect optics, removable end cap and US Army serial number plaque. Price includes UK delivery. ( sn. 3361 )

(USD) $141.79
Quantity: 1
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