C1960 Cold War Era Polish Officers Uniform Complete With Order of Polonia Restituta Medal, Enamelled Insignia, Ribbons And Cord Aiguillette With Silver Plated Tag. Sn 6953.

Uniforms, Clothing & Boots > Everything Else

This is an impressive, clean, original, Cold War era Polish Officers' Uniform dating from C1960. The khaki tunic is fully lined with green cotton material. It has 2 external chest pockets with flaps and 2 external hip pockets with flaps. It also has 2 internal chest pockets with button fasteners. Th ...

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Photograph of Officers 13th Hussars

Photos, Art & Trench Art > Everything Else

23cm x 17 cm book plate of the Officers 13th Hussars, India 1900 in a wooden frame.

(GBP) £12.00
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Victorian English Multi-Bladed Sportsmans Knife

Collectable Edged Weapons > Everything Else

An excellent example of a Victorian, English Multi-Bladed Sportsmans Knife made in Sheffield and retailed by George Adams, High Holborn, London. It has a large blade, a double edged short blade and a corkscrew. It has a white metal scales stamped "GA N S"and a lanyard ring. Superb original condition ...

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WW1 U.S. Pattern 1917 Remington Bayonet & 1st Pattern 'TAB END' Scabbard by Jewell. ED 2022.

Collectable Edged Weapons > Bayonets & Knives

A near mint condition, original, U.S. Pattern 1917 Bayonet made by Remington in WW1 for the P.17 30-06 rifle. It has a beautiful clean blade and undamaged grooved slab wood grips. It is crisply stamped on the ricasso '1917 Remington' and on the reverse with the 'Ignited Grenade' and 'Eagle's Head' a ...

(GBP) £245.00
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Gordon Highlanders Warrant Officer/ Sgts Silver Plated Staff Badge. ( J.Wise & Son, Birmingham). Sn 7030 : 5

Badges, Medals & Insignia > Everything Else

This is an impressive original Gordon Highlanders Warrant Officer's and Sergeant's Silver plated staff badge featuring ornate laurel wreath with scroll containing the motto ' Bydand' with large central Crown surmounted by a Stags head both of which stand proudly from the centre of the badge. The rea ...

(GBP) £125.00
Quantity: 1
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1893 Dated, 1888 Mark II Wilkinson, Lee Metford Bayonet With Australian Orange Arsenal 1893 Dated Scabbard and Frog. Sn 7063.

Collectable Edged Weapons > Bayonets & Knives

The Enfield, Lee Metford, 1888 Mark II Bayonet was manufactured for the British .303 calibre Enfield, Lee Metford Rifle which were issued to British and allied forces during the Boer war and WW1. The Bayonet blade which is in good clean condition with original polish, is 12" in length, double edged ...

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WW2, 1941 Dated, RAF Sergeant's Tunic And 1944 Dated Field Service Side Cap. U 357.

Uniforms, Clothing & Boots > Everything Else

This is an excellent, original, early WW2, 1941 dated, RAF Sergeant's Tunic. The Tunic comes complete with an original WW2, 1944 dated Field Service/ Side cap. The Airforce Blue, Serge Tunic has 2 external pockets the top 2 pockets are buttoned and the lower are the correct flap covered pockets with ...

(GBP) £295.00
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German Model 712 7.63mm 'Broomhandle' Mauser Schnellfeuer Selective Fire Pistol & Wooden Holster / Shoulder Stock. (Not Chinese Contract). D 1336

Deactivated Weapons > Everything Else

The Mauser, Model 712, Schnellfeuer ( Rapid Fire) was manufactured by Mauser Werk in Germany from 1932 to 1938. ( See page 317 of Axis Pistols Vol 2 By Still). It was the fully automatic version of the model 1896. In 1940 Large numbers of this pistol were procured by the Luftwaffe for Motorcycle Mes ...

(GBP) £895.00
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