Death of the Militaria Fair

Posted: October 26, 2011 | Author: WARSTUFF | Blog Post
THESE DAYS, most serious militaria dealers have their own websites and use online marketplaces to sell their collector pieces. But is the online revolution in militaria buying and selling the death knell for the traditional militaria fair?
WARSTUFF Death of the Militaria Fair
WARSTUFF Death of the Militaria Fair
YOU’RE RIGHT, no, at least not yet. It isn’t that militaria fairs are going to disappear anytime soon, there are still plenty happening, they are still well attended and they are still very much enjoyed and valuable events to militaria collectors. But today, compared to a decade ago when few collectors and dealers were trading online, online auctions services are handling thousands of militaria sales annually. Times are changing and demands are shifting.

As a new generation of collectors are coming on to the collecting scene, drawn to online auctions and sales for their convenience and efficiency, more and more of the traditional dealers are turning to online services like WARSTUFF to take advantage of the emerging trade.

The militaria fairs won’t die out any time soon, we’re a long way from writing their obituary, but militaria buyers and sellers need to make sure they are not missing out as the militaria fairs’ market share gives way to the online militaria market.

So militaria sellers and buyers take note. Next time you're browsing at a militaria fair and you spot a hard to find item of militaria that has taken you many fairs to find, ask yourself whether you could have found and bought the item online sooner, and for less. But, the chances are, if you're reading this online article, you already know the answer to this particular question...



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