History Detectives TV Show finds war relics on WARSTUFF

Posted: April 13, 2011 | Author: WARSTUFF | Blog Post
Lion Television’s prime-time series, The History Detectives, a show that combines a mystery from the past with an academic re-telling of history, turned to WARSTUFF for help with finding militaria to illustrate its segment on World War Two.
The History Detectives contacted WARSTUFF for help
The History Detectives contacted WARSTUFF for help
The History Detectives follows a group of researchers helping people to seek answers to various historical questions they have, centred around a family heirloom, an old house or other historic object or structure. War relics are a common occurrence in everyday American homes and often have dramatic stories behind them, so naturally make a great subject for a TV show.

Lion Television’s investigators work tirelessly to find the right content for their shows. Their pursuit naturally extends online and it was whilst searching for a good source for militaria for this particular segment that Shannon Johnston, one of Lion Television’s key researchers came across WARSTUFF.

“For this episode we were investigating the Pacific War and in particular some of the veteran stories behind the war relics commonly found in families’ homes,” says Shannon. “We wanted to show how similar relics could be bought easily online, and WARSTUFF came up first in our searches for militaria, so we got in touch and they agreed to help. Working with WARSTUFF we’ve been able to illustrate our segment perfectly by showing how World War Two US and Japanese war relics can be found easily using their service.”

The History Detectives episode featuring WARSTUFF will be aired in summer 2011 on PBS.



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