Online 'Lord of War' takes a firm aim at eBay

Posted: March 14, 2011 | Author: WARSTUFF | Blog Post has unveiled a new set of features designed to optimise the online selling experience for dealers and collectors of militaria. These are aimed at encouraging militaria sellers away from sites like eBay.
WARSTUFF eBay Import
WARSTUFF eBay Import
The new features exemplify what WARSTUFF is about: huge militaria inventory for collectors to search, open policies that enable the sale of all types of militaria and war relics including decommissioned weapons, and better deals for sellers with free listings, own store and many other features.

With eBay coming under fire by militaria dealers recently over their ‘weapons, knives and ammunition’ policies which can often exclude harmless antique arms and armour, WARSTUFF offers dealers and collectors a viable alternative marketplace for militaria for the first time.

NEW! Import Seller items from eBay

NOW SELLERS CAN GET up to speed fast by copying their items and feedback directly from eBay to WARSTUFF in just a few clicks. Sellers auctions or feedback on eBay won’t be affected, it just means they duplicate their listings on WARSTUFF so they can sell in both places easily. Try it out by clicking on 'Import' from the main menu.

NEW! Import items from own militaria site

IF SELLERS HAVE THEIR OWN dealer website, they can easily take advantage of WARSTUFF by copying their items for sale across in just a couple of clicks. All they need is an RSS feed for their inventory, and WARSTUFF will be synchronized with their own online store.

NEW! Bulk Upload Items

SELLERS CAN now upload multiple items to WARSTUFF in a few clicks. Create a CSV and bulk upload in seconds. Sellers can spend time promoting their items instead of listing them. Try it out by selecting 'Bulk Import' from the Import menu.



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