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Posted: July 10, 2011 | Author: WARSTUFF | Blog Post
THE TEAM at warstuff know the value of their militaria collecting community, and in recognition of this have released a set of social media oriented features to make militaria buying and selling, well, simply more social!
Share militaria items on social networks
Share militaria items on social networks

THERE IS NO HIGHER PRAISE than members recommending warstuff to their militaria collecting friends. Customer referrals are extremely important to the collecting community. They help collectors identify trusted sources for their militaria, important when today it's easy to get caught out buying relics which are not original. In recognition of this, warstuff have released a ‘recommend your friends’ feature.  If you’ve enjoyed using warstuff, then now you can let your friends know. Just click on ‘Send an invitation’ when you’re logged on and you can let your buddies know where you’re buying and selling your militaria.

MANY MILITARIA COLLECTORS are now using twitter and facebook to drive traffic to their militaria listings on warstuff. The warstuff team themselves have been doing the same and making use of social media sites to promote their member’s listings. Now sharing warstuff items for sale on twitter, facebook or on any content sharing sites suddenly got much easier. The warstuff team have added a content sharing widget to the item listing pages, Members can also now add their own social media profiles to their warstuff member profiles. To promote an item, simply click on the red ‘Add This’ cross on each item page.

YOU CAN friend and follow warstuff on facebook and twitter at /WARSTUFF



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