The Ultimate Validation of Our Efforts: WARSTUFF goes Premium.

Posted: March 31, 2012 | Author: WARSTUFF | Blog Post

After two years of free service for Buyers and Sellers, WARSTUFF implements low-cost memberships for Sellers. Visitors will still be able to get free access to browse the items and content on the site, and Buyers will still benefit from completely free access for an unlimited period.

Our approach to delivering the WARSTUFF service was always going to be two-step. When we first began the WARSTUFF project our goal was to create the ideal selling venue for militaria collectors like us, with the full breadth and depth of buying and selling features available in more established market places such as eBay.

Developing a high quality service to do this requires time and investment and whilst we were working towards our goal we ensured the site was free from any fees for buying and selling, unless you wanted to promote your listing in which case we charged a small fee. Now we feel our selling platform is reaching maturity with plenty of Buyer interest, we decided we were ready to implement a paid service to enable militaria Sellers to benefit from our growing numbers of Buyers, and crucially to ensure we could keep growing the business.

WARSTUFF implements Seller memberships


Unlike other marketplaces we don’t today charge a Final Value Fee to Seller accounts upon the completion of a successful transaction. From the beginning of April we will now charge Sellers a basic membership fee which allows unlimited selling on the site. To compliment this we have reduced the optional charges for premium listing services to start from just a few pence to ensure Sellers still get a great value service.

Visitors will still be able to get free access to browse the items and content on the site, and Buyers will also still benefit from free access for an unlimited period. Registration will still be completely free to encourage the level of sign-ups we have seen over past months, and to encourage our community to build.

Sellers can choose memberships from one to twelve months, with a distinct price advantage if they sign up for the longer periods. Memberships start from as little as £1.75 per month.  After the membership period has lapsed, the Seller account reverts to a free Buyer account.

Moving to subscriptions is an important step for our business. With two years of development behind the site and features to rival the most established marketplaces, we believe our members will share our view that the service we have worked hard to create is now good enough to pay for. This is the ultimate validation of our efforts, and we are delighted to be in a position where we feel comfortable to make the transition.

You can see our updated fees for Sellers on our fees page >>




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