Tie-up brings WWII Gaming and Collecting Together

Posted: July 17, 2010 | Author: WARSTUFF | Blog Post a marketplace for buying and selling war stuff, has teamed with the makers of 'WWII Battleground Europe', an online virtual World War II game to bring services to a community of over 10,000 enthusiasts! The Marketplace for Enthusiasts The Marketplace for Enthusiasts

Back in January we broke the story to you of and its progress to build an alternative online marketplace to mainstream auction sites for all types of war stuff, war relics, war memorabilia and war stuff.

Well since then, has been growing in use and is successfully building a community of its own. With a newsletter, regular microblogs via Twitter and Facebook, the team are working hard to promote their site all with the aim of making it easier for you to buy and sell war stuff.

Now is going one step further to extend its customer awareness and is hoping to bring to over 10,000 WWII virtual gaming fans the joy of collecting real war stuff. WARSTUFF has established a joint marketing plan with WWII Battle Ground Europe, developed by Playnet Inc, a leading Texas based games group that is also developing virtual worlds to train today’s armies and defence organisations.

Paul McCabe, Founder of says, “Talk to any computer game fan today and they will be able to tell you the name, country of service and purpose of any piece of military kit, sometimes it’s a little shocking how much games have taught them. Equally, talk to any WWII re-enactor and offer them the chance to experience the world of WWII combat between re-enacting shows and events from the comfort of their home, and the chances are they will want to know some more. These groups are the potential next generations of collectors, re-enactors and gamers and not all of them have yet discovered the joys of each other’s hobbies. We hope with our partnership with WWII Battleground Europe to take a small step to promote the hobbies in each respective community.”

You may not have heard of WWII Battle Ground Europe, but you should take interest. It is a virtual battlefield, a combined arms simulation set in, you guessed it, WWII Europe. As a player, you can command a variety of accurately modelled aircraft, armoured vehicles, anti-tank guns, artillery, naval vessels, or fight on foot as infantry with a huge variety of weapons. Always wanted to drive a Panzer tank, shoot an 88mm Anti-tank Gun or fly a bf-109 over England? No problem.

But this is no Playstation shoot-em-up.The game is played in real time alongside or against other players around the globe in a perpetual, realistic world – if you’re not playing the game, others are and the game is moving on. It’s virtual re-enactment, with real time missions and a winnable campaign played over weeks- sometime months. And here is the exciting bit – you have over 30,000 sqkm’s of virtual terrain in wartime Europe to roam and conduct battle on. All you need is a PC to get started.

Al Corey, Executive Producer & Marketing Manager at Playnet Inc who built WWII Battleground Europe says, “We know the WWII Re-enactors groups love their history and militaria, and we would love to see them trying the game out for free, and playing online when they’re not attending the shows and collecting. Through our partnership with, we hope to promote awareness of WWII Battleground Europe with the WWII re-enactor fans and let them discover for themselves the exciting world we have created and in which they can participate. Equally we have a lot of gaming fans out there who would probably like a German Stahlhelm or M1 Garand on their shelf, so we see this as an opportunity to open up the militaria market for our subscribers.”

For more information on WWII Battleground Europe, the free trial and the partnership, visit



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