Top Ten Reasons to Invest in Militara

Posted: October 3, 2011 | Author: WARSTUFF | Blog Post
The psychology of collecting is often discussed and just as for other collecting niches there are many reasons why people choose to collect militaria. Collecting militaria and war relics allows the collector to come into physical contact ....
With history and with those who participated in it.

It is certainly an experience to read on a certain aspect of military history and then be able to hold or own an item that was actually there, used in the event. Information is contained in militaria. Owning an item is part of the learning experience - it helps bring history alive.

Conflict is and continues to be a significant part of history, and since we all still live to a degree with the consequences of it today, the fascination with militaria and military artefacts is understandable. Collecting can preserve the memory of a family contribution, it can also help connect with or reconcile events in the past. And for some, collecting militaria is a means of mixing business with a personal passion.

Here are our top ten reasons why you should invest in militaria and war relics today:

1. THE CURRENT ECONOMIC environment means that for those prepared to look, there are lots of opportunities out there to build a collection of valuable militaria collectibles for long term value.

2.  PICK THE RIGHT militaria, and your investment is safe. Even the most valuable militaria pre-1700’s collectables running into ‘000’s do not fall under Capital Gains Tax or inheritance duties.

3.  MILITARIA COLLECTIBLES, the likes of which you can find on WARSTUFF are tangible, you can hold them, and they will always hold value and interest.

4.  RECORD PRICES are starting to be achieved for choice 20th Century conflict militaria, buoyed in part by portrayal of war and conflict at the cinema and on tv, but also as the numbers of veterans from those conflicts dwindle over time and people want to preserve the memory of their contributions.

5.  THERE ARE ESTIMATED to be 10 million serious militaria collectors' worldwide underpinning prices.

6.  THE GENERATION OF baby boomers, born just after WW2 is starting to retire; This generation are responsible for much of the world’s wealth and many grew up in the aftermath and context of WW2 and have deep connections with the period.  They have a high disposable income, and have time on their hands to pursue collecting in a serious way.

7.  THE DISPOSABLE income of Brazil, Russia, India, and China is set to increase as populations grow and become wealthier. History shows these people will be looking to buy the militaria collectibles and artefacts that have left their country over the years. Collecting has and remains a passtime of the relatively wealthy.

8.  THE EMERGING popularity of 20th Century militaria such as WW1, WW2, Korean, Vietnam and Falklands War pieces will add significantly to the pressure on prices and the shortage of choice collectibles.

9.  TRADITIONAL AUCTIONEERS are giving way to online marketplaces such as WARSTUFF characterised by low fees, wide choice and ability to buy and sell 24x7. Finding and selling militaria has never been so easy, online opens the world of military collectables to all.

10.  RESEARCHING MILITARIA, and then hunting down a hard to find item is to many people, very rewarding. It is an escape from the norm and only is acquiring the item you have been searching for a thrill, it is then a great conversation piece with your friends.

So now you know our top ten reasons for collecting militaria, where do you go next? Our Buy page of course.



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