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RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is an XML format WARSTUFF uses to share items listed for sale on the site. You can subscribe to one of our feeds, or you can create a feed based on a specified item search.

How to use RSS

To view content in RSS, you will need an RSS reader or aggregator. You can find various free and commercial RSS readers available for download on the internet. Popular RSS readers include Google Reader, FeedDemon and NewzCrawler.

Once you have an RSS reader, you can click on 'Subscribe' links whenever you see the RSS icon.



WARSTUFF Militaria items just listed

If it's newly listed, your feed will display it.

WARSTUFF militaria items closing soon

Your feed will display a stream of all items closing soon.

WARSTUFF militaria buy now items

Anything listed as buy it now will be shown in your feed.

WARSTUFF militaria items under 250

If it has a price under USD 250, your feed will pick it up.

WARSTUFF militaria items over 250

Any militaria items over USD 250 will be displayed.

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