How can I prove to a Buyer my military collectable is genuine?

The best way to stand by the authenticity of a military collectable you are selling is to offer a money back guarantee on the sale. This is simply a return of the item after the sale if the Buyer is for any reason dissatisfied with it.

To provide this feature to your Buyer, when you list an item for sale, in Step 3 of the selling form, we have provided an option to ‘Accept returns’. Check this to accept a Buyer can return an item to you after they have received it. If you check this, we recommend you state under what conditions your returns policy applies along with the description of the item. For example, you may choose to offer a return within 14 days of the sale only. After that time, it is considered as sold, no return. You may also choose to only offer this at the postal expense of the Buyer.

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