How do I add items by RSS?

You can synchronise your own website inventory with your WARSTUFF account in just a few short steps.

Go to My WARSTUFF > Listings > Listing Import RSS 

Click 'Enable External RSS' button

Add in a New feed by adding your 'RSS feed URL' and clicking 'Add', for example:


Once you have added the feed, in a few minutes time the items in the feed will be loaded to your account. Under 'Your RSS feeds' you will see a display of the feed title and the items loaded within the feed.

You can add as many RSS feeds as you wish under your account:

  • RSS items will be listed as items directly on WARSTUFF
  • Once listed the listings behave in exactly the same way as any other listing on WARSTUFF
  • RSS items will always be Buy It Now listings, with invoice before checkout
  • You can supply two images free of charge in the feed
  • RSS feeds will automatically refresh daily to stay in sync with your inventory
  • There is no end date to your RSS feeds

You can turn RSS feeds on or off by going to My WARSTUFF > RSS Feeds > Disable Feeds.

Your RSS feed needs to include the following data fields to display correctly on WARSTUFF:

title: Provide an item title

description: Provide an item description

price: Provide the price you want to sell at with currency $/£/EUR/AUS 

image link: Provide urls to up to two images on your own site 

Click here to view sample RSS feed.

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