How do I bulk upload by .CSV?

 To list multiple items at once, you need to create and upload a comma separated values (.CSV) file with all your item information. Your items will be processed and uploaded straight away.

Use a spreadsheet application (i.e. Excel) to create a spreadsheet for your items. Each row represents one item and each column represents one category.

  • Download a sample .csv file here (Right click, 'Save As')
  • Add your item listings into your .csv and save locally.
  • Create a zip file with your csv and your item images.
  • Go to Import > Bulk Upload and click 'Upload your file'.
  • Select the location of your zip file by clicking 'Choose File' and browsing to your locate the file.
  • Click 'Upload' and your listings will be created momentarily.
  • You will have an opportunity to review the listings before you click to confirm to put the listings live.

If your listings have not been created successfully, you need to modify the .csv where indicated and upload it again.

The required category headers on the first row are:

  • category - ID number that specifies a category
    (view categories by number)
  • title - item listing title (55 character limit)
  • price - asking price
  • shipping - shipping price 
  • description - detailed item description (HTML supported)

The recommended category headers on the first row are:

  • quantity - quantity for sale (1 if left blank)
  • country_shipping - shipping charge per country. Example: US:5.00; GB:10.00; DE:15.00 
  • condition - item condition (new, used, or refurbished)
  • image1 - image file name
  • image2 - image file name

Click here to view all avaliable headers.

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