How do I import eBay items and feedback?

You can easily transfer your current eBay listings and eBay feedback to WARSTUFF in just a few clicks.

Go to Imports > Copy your Items from eBay

Add your eBay User ID and click 'Preview'

You will be shown a preview of the item count and feedback count that will be imported.

Click 'Continue' to import. You will then be asked to login to ebay using your eBay User ID and Password.

Login and your items will be transferred momentarily. All images and descriptions will be transferred with the items. 

  • Feedback transfer includes feedback count and feedback comments.
  • Previously transferred ratings will not be duplicated. 
  • Items that are inactive, expired, sold out or have the same title as one of your existing listings will not be transferred.
  • Previously transferred items will not be duplicated or overwritten.
  • The supported eBay listing formats are: FixedPriceItem(Buy It Now), Auction, LeadGeneration(RFQ) & AdType(Classified).
  • If an item is an auction on ebay, it will be listed as auction on WARSTUFF, with the current price as start price. Reserve Price and Buy It Now price are also imported from eBay items.
  • You will be able to edit and close your listings as normal WARSTUFF listings after transferring.
  • Feedback and items on eBay are unaffected by the transfer
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