How do I leave, change or remove feedback?

Feedback represents your reputation as an WARSTUFF member. It’s made up of comments and ratings left by other members you’ve bought from and sold to. In most cases, the Feedback comments you’ve received cannot be removed. You can leave feedback or view your feedback under My WARSTUFF > Feedback.

To leave Feedback, select My WARSTUFF > Feedback > Leave Feedback.

To review your feedback, select My WARSTUFF > Feedback > My Feedback.

Because Feedback represents members’ opinions, WARSTUFF cannot edit these comments, nor can we legally investigate them for accuracy. However, there are some basic common sense rules that must be followed to ensure that Feedback isn't abused.

We will remove Feedback comments and ratings in a few limited situations. Feedback will be removed on request if it is abusive, left for the wrong recipient, left by a member who’s account has been suspended, left for a member who provided an incorrect email address and could not be contacted at the time of the transaction, and if the comments undermine WARSTUFF’s integrity.

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