Is my item allowed on WARSTUFF?

Certain items may not be sold on WARSTUFF.

Read our terms of use thoroughly to understand what you can and cannot sell on WARSTUFF.

We understand that collectors and dealers have an interest in all types of militaria. Whilst we accept listings for all types, we do so on the basis that items:

  • are listed for cultural, historical or educational purposes;
  • are not acquired from a protected or controlled site;
  • are not acquired from a war grave defined as a burial place for members of the armed forces or civilians who died during or as a result of military campaigns or operations;
  • are not artifacts of genocide or concentration camps;
  • shall not violate any laws governing the sale and ownership of such items;
  • do not indicate or suggest that they are suitable for combat, encourage violent behaviour involving the use of the item as a weapon or for other criminal means;
  • are legally permittable to be sold by you;
  • will not be exported outside the UK.

We do allow the listing of the following items subject to additional terms:

  • Fully deactivated firearms
  • Inert ordnance and inert ammunition
  • Collectable edged blades
  • Nazi related items

We may end a listing early if it breaches our terms. In this eventuality we'll notify the Seller of their mistake and any Bidders by email. 

If we end a listing after someone has won it, the winning bidder is no longer obliged to send payment for the item.

Repeated infringement of our terms will result in a member's account being closed and barring from using our service.

If you believe that any of our terms and conditions relating to the sale of militaria items have been breached, please notify us immediately, using either the 'Report Item' link which can be found on every listing page, or by contacting us.

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