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If you have registered, but you do not have a login name or do not know your password:

Please check any Junk mail or Spam folders in your email program for messages from [email protected]
Because the email we send you containing your password is generated automatically, it may have been classified as junk mail accidently by your email program.

Try resetting your password
This process will send you a new password by email. You can do this here.



If you have entered your login name and password but are still unable to log in you may want to try the following:

Check that you have entered your login name and password correctly

Ensure that you do not have caps lock enabled and that you are using capital letters where indicated. The password you have been sent is case-sensitive.

Ensure that you are using the most recent password

If you have reset your password recently then the old password will no longer work. Please refer to the most recent password reset email. Remember to check your Junk mail or Spam mail folders in case the password email has been classified incorrectly.

Check that your web browser is not displaying a cached copy of the web page

Web browsers store temporary copies of web pages on your hard disk. If you return to a page you have previously visited, this temporary (cached) copy is read rather than requesting a new copy across the internet, speeding up your web browsing.

However, because you are logging in to the web site the information on the page changes, and the cached copy may now be out of date. To avoid this problem you should set your browser to always check for new versions of the page.




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