1914 Christmas Truce, Battle of Niihau, Buying a Vietnam War Icon and More!
Posted: December 2011 | Author: Keith | Newsletter

THERE ARE MANY accounts of the Christmas Truce of 1914 when the soldiers of the Western Front laid down their arms on Christmas Day and met
in No Man's Land, exchanging food and cigarettes, as well as playing football and recovering the bodies of their fallen comrades. Some
estimates are that around 100,000 troops participated over a period of days and weeks around Christmas.

Kilian Dugout, Battlefield Tour Mementos, Glorifying War and More!
Posted: November 2011 | Author: Paul | Newsletter

IT'S NOT UNCOMMON for remains of individual WW1 soldiers to be uncovered in France and Belgium during construction work on the
former Western Front battlefields. But last year, during the construction of a road near the small town of Carspach in the Alsace region,
an underground shelter was uncovered holding the remains of not just one, but twenty one German soldiers.

Imjin Pistol, Death of the Militaria Fair, Top 5 Militaria Buying Tips and More!
Posted: October 2011 | Author: Mike | Newsletter

AS THEY PERCHED on the barren hills surrounding the Imjin River in Korea, along way from home in Britain, hopelessly outnumbered by an
almost suicidal enemy, April 25th 1951, St. George's Day was to be the bloodiest battle for the British Army since WWII.

There were 4,000 men under British command along the Imjin that day, with 27,000 well camoflaged Chinese rushing at them out of the
bushes firing and hurling grenades in co-ordinated attacks.

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