Top 5 Tips for for Safely Collecting Inert Ammunition and Ordnance

Posted: April 2012 | Auther: Paul | Newsletter

AFTER TWO YEARS of free service to you, we’ve implemented paid memberships for Sellers. Visitors and Buyers still get the benefit from a completely free service, but as our militaria selling platform is reaching maturity with plenty of Buyer interest and features to rival the best mainstream auction sites, we felt now was the time to take the step to ensure we can keep on delivering WARSTUFF to you. 

Top 5 Tips for for Safely Collecting Inert Ammunition and Ordnance

LIKE MANY COLLECTING FOCUSSES, militaria collectors with a passion for acquiring inert ammunition have many influences, be they stories from their grandfather’s tales of WW2, or sight of a war veteran’s souvenir grenade on a top shelf in their garage. Here are our top five tips for helping to collect safely.


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