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Posted: May 2012 | Auther: Mike | Newsletter

SUMMER IS FINALLY here in the UK, and the military history event season has already kicked off this month. If you can’t get to a show or you find you need to clear out your collection to make room for your unplanned militaria purchases, we’re right here to help you with our ‘online militaria fair’, open all hours.  In the mean time, here is our newest militaria buying guide.

Our Top 5 Pick of WW2 Collectable Deactivated Sniper Rifles

THE SNIPER HAS lurked in the shadows of war for over two centuries evolving from paid assassin to the most highly trained of infantryman during World War Two, undertaking the most extraordinary missions. Little wonder then that in the field of collecting militaria, for many the sniper rifle is one of the most sought after relics. Here is our pick of the most collectable weapons from WW2.


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