Collect the Vietnam War, Militaria Spotlight and More!

Posted: July 2012 | Auther: Paul | Newsletter

WE’RE OFTEN ASKED for our opinion on what the militaria collector should invest in. Of course, nostalgia plays a strong role in determining what could be good, as does the  sense of preserving heritage.

With this in mind, here is our latest tip on what could be a good buy for the collector.

Hot Tip: Collect Vietnam War Relics. Now.

HERE IS A HOT TIP for militaria collectors who want to get in on a fast emerging opportunity. Start collecting Vietnam War U.S. militaria. Start now.

Why collect the Vietnam War? Like all wars it was controversial and brutal, but due to a limited purpose, fighting for a negotiated peace rather than all out victory and due to dragging on with heavy casualties on both sides, even today after 37 years its legitimacy still remains widely debated.


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