Militaria Buying in a Recession, Militaria Spotlight and More!

Posted: September 2012 | Auther: Paul | Newsletter

THIS MONTH saw our 2,000th member join, a sure sign we’re reaching militaria collectors everywhere.

In our ongoing quest to make sure WARSTUFF is your #1 militaria marketplace, you may also have noticed this month we’ve also rolled out a host of site updates focussed on enhancing your buying and selling experience. We’re always keen to get improvement suggestions and feedback, so if you have any, please drop us a line.

Otherwise, here is our September Militaria News digest for you to enjoy.

Ask Yourself This When Buying Militaria in a Recession:

A TIGHT REIGN on spending is rule number one in a recession, but there are clearly a number of advantages of advancing your militaria collection during hard times. A recession can drive lower prices, as well as more militaria on the market. As we near the end of our fourth year of challenging economic times, here are some questions to ask yourself that help you make that decision on whether to buy or not.


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