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Posted: October 2012 | Auther: Paul | Newsletter

A LARGER THAN ever number of subscribers joined us from the United States this month, perhaps helped by John Adams-Graf, Editor of the excellent Military Trader Magazine describing our service as "The post-eBay venue for militaria entrepreneurs." Welcome to all our new members.

This week it was officially announced the UK is out of recession. Of course we’ve got some work to do to make the economy grow, but in the spirit of the good news and since our last newsletter was all about buying militaria in a recession, what better inspiration to formulate your militaria collecting aspirations than reflecting on some of the most expensive World War 2 collectable items ever sold.

Here is our October Militaria News digest for you to enjoy.

Top 10 Most Expensive WW2 Items Sold

IT’S A FACT. Once relatively lowly priced and overlooked World War Two collectables, perhaps even considered worthless in their time, are now fetching considerable prices today, prices previously reserved only for the finest ancient arms and armour. 


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