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Posted: November 2012 | Auther: John | Newsletter

THIS MONTH marked the 94th Remembrance Sunday since the First World War ended. Even though there are no living veterans to give their accounts first hand, the Great War and the stories surrounding it are a continuing source of fascination for the public.

Over the years there has been plenty of literature and study devoted to the soldiers’ experiences, the history, politics and the technology. But there are relatively few collectors guides detailing the items that were part of a British Tommy’s life every day in the trenches. 

With this in mind, here is our November Militaria News digest for you to enjoy.

Top 5 Picks of WW1 British Tommy Militaria

COLLECTORS KNOW that Great War relics are considered special not only because they bear witness to the first total war, but because in many cases they represent the life of the ordinary British Tommy and illustrate what it was like for the ordinary man fighting this war.


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