Top 5 Militaria Predictions 2013, Militaria Spotlight and More!

Posted: January 2013 | Auther: Paul | Newsletter

LAST YEAR we had the largest number of militaria buyers and sellers join todate! We also made some big changes to WARSTUFF in 2012, including going Premium, a brand-new dashboard, additions to our buying and selling processes and improvements across the site. Thank you for your support - we are determined to ensure we repay you with a better than ever service in 2013.

Without further ado, here is our first militaria news digest of the year.

Our Top 5 Militaria Predictions for 2013

ONE OF THE REASONS for building a militaria collection is that simply owning a piece of military history gives you pleasure. It can also make sense to acquire pieces as investments. Inline with a tradition, here are our personal predictions as to what could be a good buy during the year ahead.



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