5 Tips for Collecting the Napoleonic Wars, Militaria Spotlight and More!

Posted: March 2013 | Auther: John | Newsletter

WITH OUR fourth year in operations well under way and more militaria collectors than ever signing up to our service, we’re making good progress on our journey to be the #1 marketplace for militaria entrepreneurs, small militaria businesses, and individual collectors of all types of war relics.

Out of our 25,000 visitors looking for militaria on our site every month, the majority are looking for relics from 20th Centry Conflicts, but a growing number are coming to us to find militaria from earlier periods of conflicts.

With this in mind, here is our March news digest. 

5 Tips for Collecting the Napoleonic Wars

MANY MILITARIA collectors focus on a particular conflict or period simply because of aesthetics. Take for example WW2 German militaria. There is no doubt the engineering, design and manufacturing prowess of Germany as a nation was and still is unmatched and this is evident in the look and design of their military equipment. Antiques from this period have an aesthetic that appeal to many.


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