5 Picks of D-Day Paratrooper Gear, Militaria Spotlight and More!

Posted: July 2013 | Auther: John | Newsletter

The conviction last month of a British SAS soldier for keeping a pistol and live ammunition from his tours in Iraq has thrown a spotlight on war trophies. Couple this with the cultural sensitivities around conflict, and you ask yourself are collecting war relics and souvenirs now a thing of the past?

The taking home of trophies has always been part of military history. As long as there will be wars, deep rooted human nature means trophies will be sought. From German helmets from WW1 and WW2, engraved shell cases from Sarajevo, to Argentine weapons from the Falklands, there is a long tradition of bringing back belongings and artifacts from the battlefield.

The lesson from the soldiers conviction is not that collecting war relics is a thing of the past and is becoming outlawed, but to make sure that items retained are not dangerous, illegal or offensive.

Here is our July news digest.

5 Picks of D-Day Paratrooper Militaria

So far in our news we’ve resisted writing about D-Day Airborne relics largely as they seem to be well covered everwhere else. We’ve all seen the Hollywood portrayals of the beach landings in Saving Private Ryan and Band of Brothers and go to any military event and there are no shortages of enthusiastic re-enactors dressed as WW2 airborne troops. Reproductions of Airborne gear are easy to come by and the threat of paying a lot of money for a highly deceptive reproduction dilutes the appeal of collecting original artifacts. The original afterall is the one that can ‘talk’.

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