Help for Buyers

Great deals are everywhere on WARSTUFF. We integrate Paypal to make paying for an item easy. Sellers can also offer other payment methods. We’ve included hints and tips here to help make paying for your purchase easy.

You can ask the Listing Owner a Question by email. Listing Owner’s email can be find on its store page.

The Seller can list their domestic or international rates in their listing.

They can add it within the item description, or within the Shipping Details section. If they have provided it within the Shipping Details section, it will be automatically added to the total sale value on checkout.

If shipping costs are not clear from the advertisement, contact the seller for a quotation or confirmation before you bid or buy.

If your item hasn’t arrived or it is not what you expected, contact the seller directly. Many issues can be resolved easily by simply talking.

If you haven’t received the item, the Seller may provide you with tracking information, issue you a full refund, or offer to provide a replacement if you agree.

If you received the item, but it doesn’t match the seller’s description, the Seller may offer you a partial refund, ask that you return the item for a full refund, or ask that you return the item in exchange for a replacement item if you agree.

In the rare situation where a Seller doesn’t reply to you or follow through on an offer after 10 days, please contact us to notify us of the problem. WARSTUFF will review the case upon your request.

Every seller is unique and could accept different payment methods. Carefully read the item description before you bid to find out what methods the seller accepts.

PayPal is a quick and easy way to pay for items on WARSTUFF. PayPal offers many options for paying the seller, including credit cards, debit cards, bank accounts, and electronic checks. If the Seller for your item offers PayPal, you can click the Pay Now button to review your purchase and then pay immediately with PayPal. Your Seller will be notified instantly of your payment.

To ensure that your purchase is protected, use a secure payment method like Paypal that provides buyer protection when buying on WARSTUFF. 

DO NOT send payments to Sellers via Western Union, direct bank transfer, or cash/money order as these offer no protection or recourse to you in the event there is a problem.

Remember to review your Seller’s feedback ratings and their transaction history before committing to a purchase. If you’re unable to contact the Seller after a purchase and you have paid for the item, file a dispute with your payment provider.

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